Some people just get all the breaks. Bret Michaels was born with a Sun/Jupiter conjunction. That makes you lucky all your life. Then his progressed Jupiter changed signs and, guess what, trined his natal Mars for the last ten years. And, believe it or not, the transiting Jupiter is sitting, along with transiting Uranus, on his Sun/Jupiter conjunction. ┬áBecause he was born with Mars retrograde (and it turned direct and stationed) it has never left it’s natal sign, and therefore can’t make a negative aspect in a progression. And then there’s that Grand Water Trine, more luck.

But he is a Pisces with Neptune and the Moon as focal planets. So he’s about as sensitive as one can get. I wondered why this guy never stops talking since he’s not a Sadge, but maybe he has Sadge rising. And here is the other mystery. In order to have diabetes, you have to have a Libra planet. And he doesn’t. (I have diabetes all over my family, but I don’t have it because I don’t have a personal Libra planet.) However, maybe he has Libra rising. He is pretty charming, if he would just shut up.

So Thursday night, Bret was taken to the hospital with a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage. His Jupiter cycle looks like it has ended (without the time, it could be off). But he’s experiencing a Jupiter Return (transiting Jupiter returns to the place where it was when you are born), and it also conjuncts his Sun. And since he has no Libra, Aries or Cancer planets, transiting Pluto (necessary for a death to occur) can’t even make an aspect to him. More luck. Some people just get all of it — if you’re wondering where yours is.



  1. What’s the association with diabetes and Libra? I have a family member with diabetes who has no Libra planets and no Libra angles. Thanks.

    • All illness’ are ruled by a planet and a sign or both or a couple. If you don’t have it, you should get “The Rulership Book” by Rex E. Bills. He lists it as Jupiter, Venus, Libra (secondary, Virgo and Mars). Michaels said he got it at 6, I think, and at that time his progressed Venus moved to conjunct Saturn, but in what house? (And you read children differently than adults). Medical astrology is a specialty in itself, so I don’t claim to know that much about it. But I do keep my eye on the diabetes thing because of my own family history. If you mean by Libra angles, Libra houses, there has to be one house that is Libra or it is intercepted in a house. And everyone has a 7th House, ruled by Libra, so look for planets there. You can also look to progressed planets either in the 7th or in Libra making a negative angle. Currently transiting Pluto is in Capricorn and that squares Libra and Saturn will be in Libra for the next two years after it finishes its retrograde. The progressed and transits can trigger off the diabetes, but you would have to look at the chart at the time it was diagnosed or first showed symptoms. As I said, it can get pretty complex. But my experience, is that people that have diabetes are born with a personal Libra planet. They are Libra or they have a Libra Moon. This goes back to the concept that the natal chart must promise the event — another really complicated subject. I brought up Michaels only because he is so lucky and getting diabetes as a child isn’t lucky. I was just wondering what accounted for that.

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