Steven Segal is an interesting guy with seven of ten planets in an opposition between Aries, his Sun, and Libra with one planet squaring them both — the focal planet, Uranus in Cancer. So he doesn’t believe he has to conform to the rules that other people live by. And that isn’t much of a surprise considering what we know about him.

The new question is if he harassed a woman who worked for him. Probably, but now is not the time he will have to learn that lesson since exact today he has his progressed Jupiter (out-of-sign) sextile Uranus. This should go away. Apparently his show is going away, too, but he will bounce back. He’s pretty good at that even under ordinary circumstances.

The only two planets not involved in the T-square are his Pluto in Leo and Mars in Scorpio, and they square each other. That combination of power and aggression often leads to violence. With Leo rising, he thinks his you-know-what doesn’t stink. Overall a pretty difficult guy to hang with, but you won’t be bored.



  1. Kathy JO Says:

    About Dr. Phill… if after the Monday after Monday after Monday show with a bunch of fruit cakes, you did not get a clue about DR. PHILL…And if after you watch how stiff he and Robin walk out of the show kind of like one of them needs prunes or maybe both… You still dont have a Clue about DR. PHILL… get a clue it is a show.. entertainment.. for fun.. No one can really think he gives a tinkers damm about anything but the cash… Please..I know little or nothing about the stars, my friend truly does… All I know is.. if you believe his crap ola…yikes, do I have a deal for you…it is a pair of old sneekers my dog spot chewed on.. I will sell you the right one cheap and throw in the left one for free…Oh Please Dr. Phill..pooie PS… in the 50s they had the rigged game shows … we have the show the DRs. Dr. Phooie Phill, Hopra and Gail.. kind of like Martain and Lewis…ok i have dribbled on way toooo much…kj out..

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