You should be so lucky. She was born an Aries with Jupiter conjuncting her Sun. She’s always lucky. She has eight children, and she’s making enough money to be considered rich — with no talent at all. Send in the boo hoo crew.

All this drama about being tired. I’m tired. Most people are. And with Mars as a focal planet, she has more energy than ten of us put together. Her other focal planet is Saturn so she’s ambitious. Nothing would keep her from doing more than everyone else. This is who she is. She will step over dead bodies to get where she is going. She has forgotten all about her husband. And anyone in their right mind knows he’s not going to get the children — so that was just a little made up drama — probably to keep people voting for her.

She has a new show in the works “A Twist of Kate” where she interviews people. There are a few of us who think her fifteen minutes are, in fact, over. Not much is going on in her chart good or bad so we’ll see how she does.

Here’s an interesting little tidbit. John will have a Jupiter progression in July. And you know what happens then — something good — something really good. So stay tuned. We’re not rid of these two yet.

It would really get interesting if Kate realized that keeping Jon would have made her life a whole lot easier and remember with her, it’s about moving ahead. Right now, he’s the biggest loser on the planet, but what if that changes? Kate says she would like nothing better than to stay home and make cookies. Will she get to spend her days baking? And be rich? And have eight children? And will she still be whining about how hard her life is?



  1. I don’t want to sound mean.. but she was feeling too sorry for herself on the Dancing show. We all had conflicts….and they paid her $250,000 to be on the show.. with no talent.

    Yes.. having 8 children is exhausting.. dealing with each personality… I believe that… and she is SMART for taking the work. I don’t know why people slammed her for leaving her children to work to earn money. All parents need to work.

    But she is irritating to watch.. the whining. She is otherwise very good looking.. she got that free tummy tuck by the doctor who daughter cheated with Jon.

    I could see the frustrating in the voice and bodylanguage of her dancing partner and he is usually patience and kind. He was getting feed up with her whining about her hard life.

    We in Americans do Complain too much .(but we have so much to be grateful for too.. food; good decent shelter; clean water; sewage systems; education systems.. )

    My ex husband did something depictable; but I moved on and I’m grateful even though I have the More Work raising the last one.. the high mortgage and so forth; while he lives for free at his mommy’s home.. and he is almost 50 too. But I also got so much GOOD.. a nice home.. I bought him out of.. a great neighborhood and wonderful neighbors; and strength for doing it all on my own for 8 years (I did not take alimony or any of his pension; and I bought him out of the house and gave back jewelry and let him keep the car (I don’t drive) etc. I was a Stay at Home Mom; and what he did to make me divorce him was horrendous.. but I MOVED on.. and I’m feel with JOY in my HEART.. (not whining)..

    I have too much good to whine.

    Well off my Soap Box.

    hugs to you..

  2. P.S. I gave all back and no alimony. I felt it was bad karma to have anything from him… except for Child support. And it is working out for me.. what is not handed to us.. we work and appreciate more.

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