There is a new issue of The Psychic Bubble on the newstands Internet today. Rush out and get read your copy. It’s free and jam-packed with astrology articles, book reviews, recipes and most important, The Laws of the Universe. Today there will be an article about “Getting Back Your Power” that you won’t want to miss. Everything we write is intended to make your life better.

In the future, Xtrology will only be available at The Psychic Bubble, so please take the time to give us a look and get familiar with our new format.

New articles and, of course, Xtrology, will be updated, not daily yet, but we’re working on it. This is a community magazine and belongs to its readers. So all comments about the look and contents are welcome. We are also interested in submissions of all types. So if you have something, a picture or an article, please send it in.

For those of you that want to learn astrology. I will teach it to you in the simplest form possible. You won’t have to wade through years of learning what works and what doesn’t work. Scanning astrology charts isn’t working. They’re coming out blurry so I’m going to have to find another way to do that.

The Bubble is a work in progress. Give us some time, and if you are among the first readers, there will be an advantage, again in the future. But I know who you are. You’re the people who support Xtrology and have made the magazine possible.

And you can Click for Animals and every day help feed one. People who read about astrology, who are spiritual, also love those who depend on us.



  1. Suzanita Says:

    Wow, girl, way to cut off we little people on diall-up. I need my moon predictions–I’m addicted to them and don’t do anything without them! But I’m glad to know you’re o.k. because I see you are working. Did you get my email? Tried to phone you Sat. night, but the phone made a funny sound and then started ringing busy. I started to think. Who would I call in L.A. to check on Melanie? Then I realized I don’t have a single number of any of your friends. So no I’m looking for where I might have put the number for Psychic Bitch. I’m not sure I have it. Still teaching a couple times a week and multitasking as fast as my brain will go. I don’t see any of the messages I sent you on facebook. Another alarming fact. But since you posted the Natalie Wood info, I know you’re working. God, are you ever independent!!!!!

    Love you,

    • Stay away from Psychic Bitch. She didn’t pick that name for nothing. I’m fine. Got so caught up working on “The Psychic Bubble” forgot to tweet. Thanks, Suzanita for being concerned. Next time we talk, I’ll give you Rikki’s & Gena’s phone numbers. Rikki’s my Durable Power of Attorney. Gotta go. I’m trying to start blogging again.

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