Sorry, Shawn, but he’s not too broken up about this. He’s so over you. The high maintenance thing was just getting to be too much for a man of his age. This guy is Scorpio with no Neptune in sight. His moon is in tell-it-like-it-is Sagittarius. And even though he has five focal planets and is a complex personality, he likes women. It really is possible that he likes your sister more than you.

Shawn, unlike Larry, has no sense of reality. She has fixed Neptune as a focal planet which just about as difficult as it gets. This is a woman who is impossible to please. Nothing is ever enough. A profound inner loneliness sends her on head trips that distort reality and block out anything that threatens her. And being fixed, she resists anyone that tries to tell her, her world isn’t what she thinks it is. Her second focal planet is Jupiter so she was born to be the wife of a super famous man. ¬†She has suffered from depression and dependence on pills and may have had an affair with her son’s coach.

Larry is ready and willing to let her go. He filed first for divorce. He’s in a Jupiter period. And with his progressed Sun approaching progressed Venus, he might even marry again. Shawn has progressed Venus/Mars conjunct and is heading toward the mother of all depression progressed Moon conjunct Saturn, and it won’t last it’s normal three months because it will go from the progressed to the natal — more like four. And in one year her Sun will square Jupiter so if she doesn’t settle the divorce this year, she will come up short.


3 Responses to “LARRY KING A FREE MAN”

  1. Hi, would you please explain what is a “focal planet” or when you say “all five planets are focal in one house” when you say Shawn has “fixed focal Neptune” does that mean Neptune is her ruler planet?

    As for Larry King, my god this man has been married so many times, it does not surprise me that he has another failed marriage on his back.

    I never been a fan of Larry King, and honestly I don’t know what makes him famous and having his own show. I find him to be incredibly dull, and a bore.

    The only reason women flock to him as easily as they do, is because he flaunts his power of fame and fortune. all of his x wives are high maintenance.

    Larry is a Drama King. LOL law of attraction, so it would not surprise me, that all of his wives are drama queens.

    The latest news of his divorce is nothing new. all I want to do is yawn, and move on to the next item. He is such a bore.

    • Sunny, a focal planet is the planet that squares two oppositions. In Larry’s case he has a Grand Square, Aries, two Capricorn planets, Libra and Cancer. So all of these planets are square and all are in an opposition. So they all become focal planets — all five of them. A focal planet is a weakness in your chart, and I explain that in detail at The Psychic Bubble, Lesson No. 2, I think. Larry’s focal planets are all cardinal because those are the cardinal signs. No, a focal planet is not the ruler of the chart, but it is the quickest way to explain what is going on with a person. If I had to choose, I would rather have a person’s focal planets than their Sun sign which I forget all the time. You get a lot more information from them. Five planets could be focal in one house (rarely), but this is not the case with Larry King. I don’t even know his houses.

      • ok, I think I understand a bit more n ow. the way you read a person sign is different and why it’s called “xtrology”? very interesting, and thank you for taking the time to explain. I will further investigate on your psychic bubble website.

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