Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker said on The Wendy Williams Show that she doesn’t like John Mayer, especially after his Playboy interview where he was quite outspoken. Well, Patti, John Mayer has the same tell-it-like-it-is Moon that you have, Sagittarius. You can’t keep these people from saying what they think. If it’s in their heads, it’s on their lips. So is it the kettle calling the pot black?

John is a Libra, known for charm. Underneath it all, I don’t think he is a bad guy. However, his truth isn’t always The Truth since his Moon sits exactly next to Neptune (that planet that distorts perception). So while he is pouring his heart out, keep in mind, it’s his reality. John currently has his progressed Sun trine Mars so he will survive the interview quite nicely.

Patti Stanger is a Gemini. And many Gemini’s have been know to stretch the truth a bit. And Ms. Stanger also has fixed Neptune as a focal planet. This makes her sensitive in a way that she can distort the perception of a situation to accommodate her delicate ego structure. These individuals also tend to avoid self analysis as deep down they are lonely souls. Anyone who tells a woman if she can get extensions by tomorrow — men according to Patti don’t like short hair — definitely lives in her own universe.

Patti just got engaged and was a little defensive when asked why she wasn’t married. Check this out. Her progressed Sun (herself) is square (bad) Venus (love). And her progressed Mars (the disruptive planet) is square progressed Venus. That’s two negative progressions to love. I predict this relationship is on a rocky road. It could be Patti’s defensive nature to be an example of the product she is selling or it could just not be workable at this time. Do not, I repeat, do not get married on a progressed Venus square — or two!

On the Wendy show, Patti went on to give her idea of the perfect couple: Kate Hudson and Jake Gyllenhaal. Xtrology disagrees. Kate, as I’ve mentioned before is quite the handful. She’s an Aries with six focal planets. Once you go over four, the person becomes almost unexplainable, because they are so bombarded with external data, they don’t know who they are themselves. Relationships with people like this are the things nightmares are made of. Add to that a Capricorn Moon (in it’s fall).

Jake has four Sagittarius planets, Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Neptune. His Moon is in Gemini — all positive masculine planets and no focal planets. He’s a fairly simple guy. Positive masculine planets are somewhat superficial. They would rather not look too deep. The thing these two have in common is that they are both in positive Jupiter cycles. They could have some fun together, but Jake would never be able to comprehend all Kate’s internal machinations.

I like Patti’s advice on dating. Remember, she’s a Gemini. She’s a salesman. But do you want to spend $25,000 to $50,000 for a Millionaire Matchmaker hookup when you can go to a good astrologer? The astrologer will have a better chance to find the person who understands you. And isn’t that what it’s really all about? And with the money left over, you can have a great honeymoon or put a down payment on a house.

UPDATE:  Patti is moving her show to New York. Moves are always bad when you have negative progressions.

UPDATE2: Patti’s own astrologer is cautioning her about her upcoming nuptials.



  1. Susan Porter Says:

    Way to tell it like it is Ms. Xtrology. You are brilliant. Why not take over Chelsea Lately when she’s done??? I think T.V. is ready for a witty astrology program.

  2. I love your explanations.. 🙂

    I did read in school.. college.. the long hair .. is a sign of good health; fertility… !! It does trigger something in a man to look for a woman with long healthy hair. Sign of youth; and able to bear children..lol.

  3. This is intriguing because I think I recall reading somewhere that Ms. Stanger considers her “side job” to be astrology. Could it be that she’s an amateur, or maybe that she does not use/know about progressions?

    I also wonder if celebrities know about your blog. Seems it could be helpful for these people to read about themselves…

    • Petal, very interesting! Most astrologers, if you think about it, don’t make predictions because they can’t. Currently there is no standardized method. My guess is that Patti uses it to put people together which doesn’t take a lot of technical knowledge. But what surprises me is her failure rate. Most of her TV couples don’t work, but maybe that is just TV.

      If there was one celebrity I would like to read my blog, it’s Lindsey Lohan. She really is on the verge of being in a lot of trouble. And, yes, everyone should read it. Of course, I would think that! But also please give “The Psychic Bubble” a chance. I’m getting ready to put out a new issue and archive the old one, and it’s struggling to find an audience.

      • Yes, there is even a recent episode where she tries to make a connection for a gay client using the help of her personal astrologist. Very interesting considering her obliviousness to the negative astrological influences surrounding the timing of her marriage.

        I agree that everyone should read your blog. I love receiving notice by email that you have a new posting and you seem to be very knowledgeable regarding what you do. I also agree with another person’s response that you should have your own form of entertainment show that showcases your skills. You’ve got the personality and the know-how (and you’re in LA, right?) I think it’s time (although you may be better at gauging that than me!)

      • Petal, from your mouth to God’s ears. I live in Hollywood. And I guess I better confess and tell you I e-mailed Patti about helping her with her clients. But no reply. Remember, like everyone else, when my chart is right, those types of things will happen. I’m just getting out of an emotionally brutal cycle. And I’m just grateful for that. I don’t know how sensitive people do it.

      • I just took a shower, where I do my best thinking, and I do want to say that when you have a progressed square, you do tend to want to do that negative thing you have no business doing. So Patti Stanger has two Venus progressions and she’s considering marriage. I recently had progressed Venus square my Sun and an ex-boyfriend asked me to move in with him on Benedict Canyon in Beverly Hills. And I was very tempted. I wanted to play house. But because of this aspect, I said no. And consequently I still have my large rent controlled apartment. And my ex isn’t living on Benedict Canyon.

      • So I immediately thought of this blog entry when watching Millionaire Matchmaker last night. Did you catch the season finale? It opens with Patti bringing her astrologer in to read her chart. And what does the astrologer say??: “Don’t do anything more than put a deposit on the wedding dress.” She implies that Patti will not get married due to some unforeseen mishap (someone might back out, things messing up, etc.) How intriguing! This definitely aligns with what you’ve been explaining about her progressed Venus square. I must say, I’m very surprised Patti allowed that unfortunate prediction to be included in the show.

      • Petal, thanks for the update. No, I didn’t see it. Very interesting.

  4. Dear Xtrology,

    I find your predictions awfully accurate or near accurate. So far you having been making predictions on Western Celebrities: be it movie, sports, literature art .

    I need to inform you , that in India, there is big row over celebrity marriage. and here party to marriage are Three: one man Two woman. Two of them are sports celebrity, one is not.
    but interesting fact for you is that man celebrity is from Pakistan Cricket wrorld , Shoaib Mallik, and woman celebrity, is from India, a Tennis star: Sania Mirza… Here the interesting and thrilling news came that though Shoaib is married once to a girl Ayesha Siddiqi, is not accept the fact of his marriage to her. and withtout divorcing her first wife, going to marry Sania Mirza… Here too , interest from Astrological view , Sania had her first engaged to her childhood boy friend, and then broke off the engagement. Now I wish you could do some predictive astrology on Sania Mirza’s life , future, as well as Shoaib Mallik.
    Now the row is hotted up and you can add spice to it.
    Many Indian readers will love to read your factual predictions.


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