Elin, like Tiger, is a Capricorn. These people are ambitious. I read somewhere that she wanted one child to be president, one to be a doctor, one to be an artist. Sounds about right.

Elin’s chart is very good right now, but doesn’t show a huge influx of money. What it does show with her progressed Sun (herself) conjuncting her Venus (love) which is a desire to keep her family together. She’s going to do everything she can to see that Tiger doesn’t stray again.

But he will. Tiger didn’t create an elaborate ruse to fool us. Tiger couldn’t more honest about who he is. He is a liar and a cheat. Nothing about him is real, really. We may even find out that like Andre Agassi, he never liked golf. Elin will have progressed Venus square Neptune (deception) beginning next year. So if they get back together in 2010, and I predict they will, she’ll find herself in the same situation again. Tiger will be forgiven by us all when his natal Jupiter is sextiled by his progressed Sun at the end of the year. The Woods’ household will resume as normal.

The question is how long will it take Elin, with her natal Venus in Aquarius (not trusting at all) to see through the deception? It will have a lot to do with how much she wants to know, how ambitious she really is, and if she really knew all along. Her Mercury (how she communicates) is conjunct Neptune (deception). Maybe it’s time we get our head out of the Woods.

UPDATE:  Tiger and Elin are living together again in 2010.

UPDATE2: It was announced 8/23/10 that Tiger and Elin are divorced and will share custody of the children.



  1. It is VERY INTERESTING how people Make Choices based on their Own personalities..

    I personally would not take a MAN back that even cheated one time. Just not my style. (no matter how much money is involved.. my peace of mind .. is more important). And more important I would be Disgusted that he was with others.. and than touching me? Yuck..lol.

    She’ll be fine.. She is young; beautiful; .. and the children are adorable.. they’ll have the best education and … hopefully a lot of LOVE..( better when they are little than as pre-teens or teens where divorce is harder)..

    hugs.. enjoy this week Xtrology.. 🙂

    Betty Ann ms Hen

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