Dr. Dyer was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia this year. It’s interesting that a man who spends his life telling people how to think has a disease many relate to harboring negative thoughts — including me. For Xtrology’s astrological analysis, and a blog that has his followers exchanging some thought provoking wisdom CLICK HERE.

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123 Responses to “WAYNE DYER’S HYPOCRISY”

  1. It is sad to learn Dr.Dyer is sick and having Cancer. But it is even sadder to learn about his ‘astrological prognosis’
    The way Author has synthesized ‘astrology with ‘psychology’ is quite amazing.
    I too feel , that a Man who can Preach to millons should have practiced himslef. But as the principles of ‘unresolved business’ goes, the Unconsious mind plays the trick upon everyone. His deep rooted hatred towards his Father, as Dr.Dyer has told in his book ‘Seeling is Eelieving’ was so strong that it took him years to come to terms and untill he went to dead father’s tomb/burrial place, he was not relieved of negativity. This has occurred before 25-30 years. and during this years too the negativity has not left him. The hidden principles of negativity can not be cured or answered by Psychology only. and hat too the psychology of Dr.Dyer is just limping. He has simply taken the ‘jump from behavioural science ‘ to a relgious preacher. He has not undergone the intermediary steps or stages or purification. Only true religious practice can absolve all our negativity, some may call it sins… but in all it is mental negativity taking the toll of body.
    I am ardent fan of Dr.Dyer. and love him. But the otherside of him has totally startled me.
    thank you Author of this blogg.

    I pray to God Dr. Dyer dyes a peaceful death.

    • Thank you for your very insightful comment. I have to admit, I overlooked the spiritual aspect and how much Dr. Dyer could have benefited from connecting with his higher power. One reason is that I don’t want people to think that astrology is religious in any way. But you are quite right that he left some of the work undone and he’s paying for that now. However, I do think his intentions were good. In the end, the person we hurt is ourselves. From an astrological point of view, if he dies in the next couple of years, he will suffer — unless he does what you suggest and relinquishes his will to something greater than himself.

      Thank you for your comment.

      • Kishor Lal Says:

        Respected Madam,
        I have seen this blog, and read the responses by you,
        I wished to convey my Idea abot why Wayne Dyer is in the situation ,that is Now. to you,
        but I find no email address of yours,
        further details are of personal nature, and does not look nice to print over public place.
        further it is you to read and analyse,and bring to public in yur best linguistic patern.

        BUt I am anxiuos to share my view why Wayne Dyer is in the Situation hs is Now.
        Please responde at your earliest.


      • Your comments don’t show unless I approve them. If you ask me to not publish them, I won’t.

    • I think the message and intention are what matters most, and in spiritual matters, what happens to the body is irrelevent. Do I feel jaded, or hurt, etc.. That his cancer came from being a hypocrite. Nope. He is not a superhero, he is practicing NOW, what he taught more than ever, and most true and enlightene3d spiritual teachers, seem to face the same things we all face, cancer, illness, early death, etc.. The message is most important from Dr. Dyer, the way he handles his life is truly inspired still through this, and he will leave precisely when he should. Dont get caught up in the messnger part of him, the body, personality, etc. but the teachings, cause they live on no matter what.

      • David, if Dr. Dyer’s teachings have helped you, then he has done the work he set out to do. The question I bring up in my blog is whether or not his teachings have helped him — enough to avoid cancer. But I also pointed out that it is a lot easier for any one of us to know what to do than it is to do it. I appreciate your comment, however, I don’t believe what happens to the body is irrelevant — it’s a reflection of who we are. I’m saying that as an imperfect person myself.

    • The reason Dr. Dyer has cancer is that he cheated on his wife multiple times and it is eating him up inside because it does not jive with his outer persona to the world. I’m sad to see this kinda thing happen with him as he is a gifted speaker and writer. However, the universe has a way of equalizing things out. I heard that his wife left him after going through this again and again. A woman doesn’t leave a long time marriage for no reason. He said he was surprised at her wanting a divorce after their lengthly marriage but I think it finally took it’s toll on her psyche and she said “no more”. He was also an alcoholic for about 15-20 years. Again sad to see anyone doing this to themselves but the universe will show you that which you hide from yourself.

    • Karrie Reno Says:

      To me each one of you are jealous of his success. If you are too full of negativity what will happen to you? You get what you give. Everyone of us have struggles. I think things happen that are beyond our control, and we’re not meant to be here forever. This is his journey in his life, and the judgement of that belong to God only and no one else.

  2. I wish astrology can help every one understand his/her own traits and guide live the life peacefully. If one considers the limitations of one’s own, as shown by Astrological predictions, the craze for wrong efforts and achievements will subside if not go altogether. It is not a surprise that Astrology was part of life in Eastern countryies. From Birth to Death at ever state of the life Astrology was used. marriage, business, health, house, these are the core issues where one is dealing with and living in whole life. Hindus, Chinese people have had used Astrology rightly.
    But now if Astrology is used for Material gain, it is waster of a Spiritual Science.
    Astrology is the Schience of Divinity. It can help us lead our llife to gain spiritual goals achieved..

    I hope many will use this science for their spiritual success. And this formum/author will be instrumental to it.

    • I quite agree with you that astrology can be used to stay on a path which will lead to peace and right living. And, like you, I hope that we will soon be seeing people take astrology more seriously. Thank you for reading my blog. The more people that read it, the longer I will be able to continue. And please check out my new magazine thepsychicbubble.com which will be published the first of the year. You can click on Xtrology from there. Again, thanks for your comment. Melanie

  3. I am happy to see that you are happy and thatmy comments are making the point.
    I wish to add that how astrology of West and Astrology of East can help each individual from this Forum.
    Main purpose of our Life , is Enlightenment or merging with the Supreme Soul. If everyone is trying to be ascetic, social structure will not work.
    As per Eastern way, one can be part of Society remain a householder, a married person and still strive for spiritual goal.
    To do this He or She must have equally supportive spouse. Can Astrology be helpful medium for such individuals who will have complementing partners and not conflicting energies, and that is very much needed when one is on the way to Spiritual search

    Thank You.

    I will see the new magazine on thepsychicbubble.com

  4. Julia Rust Woods Says:

    Everything and everyone has thier own paradox’s. Dr Dyers love of self must have been a challenge coming from his set of family circumstances. The astrology chart you have above is sad to me. I will always send him silent blessings from my heart. This is a man who acts exactly like he speaks. I don’t believe he is a hypocryte. I believe even superman can be harmed by internal and external cryptonite. (self doubt) I choose to just send him some love. I know it is stronger than any other force. I believe he has made one of the most positive impacts on society of any other writer of our time. Love & Light to you Wayne Dyer!
    Julia Rust Woods of Seacloud Nursery Key West

    • Well said. But my view of internal cryptonite is hypocrisy if it is not acknowledged. Or if you prefer, denial. And we should all send him love. He needs it right now. But just to get back to my point, if you have cancer, I think you should look to see what caused this dis-ease in your body. When negative feelings have no outlet, they become illnesses, for me and for you and for Dr. Dyer.

      • Appreciate the blog–I’m late to the discussion and have no clue what Dr. Dyer’s status is (would love an update if you have one).

        I struggle with many of these posts. Too many people professing to know what caused Dr. Dyer’s illness and too many people assigning causal relationships without one scrap of evidence. Why are we so insistent on having answers when we can’t even figure out our own issues… We tear down someone like Wayne Dyer because he’s had a very successful career motivating others. Maybe he isn’t the saint that he aspires to be– he wouldn’t be the first to say one thing and have contradictory behavior in daily life. We are all in a process of becoming/ growing. Richard Bach said it best in Illusions: “We best teach what we most need to learn.”

        Perhaps Dr. Dyer is more student than teacher and perhaps we can redirect our scrutiny to our own lives– our obesity, our credit card debt, our relationships, our responsibilities. ‘let those without sin cast the first stone.’ I can’t help but see in Josie’s response above that she has some relationship pain that she is dealing with, hence the man-hating language. Some might take offense to this, but then to prove my point: what do I know about Josie? Absolutely nothing, yet I can take a paragraph of writing from her and make bold but skewed blanket assumptions about her life. I may be right, I may be wrong– it doesn’t contribute anything to the conversation but more speculation… more noise.

        Life is terminal. Wayne Dyer has cancer. We should all hope to live as long, as prosperous and as charitable as he has. For all we know, his illness could be his divine test: put up or shut up.

        ‘God will never give you more than you can handle.’ Maybe this is why he has cancer…

        appreciate the forum.

      • I’m not the one to ask. Maybe one of his followers will comment. But I haven’t heard anything. I haven’t seen him in public lately.

  5. So are you saying you’re a Vedic astrologer. I am very interested in that. The only Vedic reading I had was very helpful.

  6. Respected Xtrology,

    I am neigther astrologer nor Vedic one.
    I just have read some books on astrology and its amazing claims has impressed me. Not only that, I was fortunate to have come into contact with a person who had mastered the Indian Astrology and had the accrate predictions to the month day,hour about many leading personalities of India. He had predicted about the Sad demise of Late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastry. And he predicted about his own deadth to his family members.
    It is really spellbinding prediction. He was a lawyer of civiil court and had a hobby of predicting the futures.
    India is so full of wonders you will not have enough of it in your whole life time. The Art, the culture , the Astrology, the spiritualiy. the geography.
    I respect Western way of life and love it but with the essence of Indian spiritualiy mixed, the Western life becomes Heavenly.

    Thank you for putting your mind on comments


  7. I find this kind of message very sad. Im very open to people speaking freely about their thoughts and opinions but the way this is written is like something you read in the tabloid media. Intended to evoke conflict and hatred. ‘He lied’ Maybe your opinion. How could you write it in a way that would be more interesting to the reader, to maybe provoke a question for the reader to ponder and work out for themselves? I understand the premise of your point but it’s very poorly and crudely made. I won’t be looking at your site again. Thank you

    • Jayne, you are the one who brought up “conflict” and “hatred” and managed to read that into my blog. I would say it’s you with that agenda, not me. You’re the one being hateful. This without a doubt has been my most successful blog. It’s meant to provoke thought and in no way diminish Dr. Dyer’s contributions. It’s just that it’s not working for him, and that’s a contradiction by anyone’s standards.

    • Jayne,

      You are free to express you distress at other’s opinions but you are not free to ‘threat a of not looking the site again’. If you have read and loved Dr. Dyer , you will be courageous to accept his weaknesses and tolerate criticism about it.

      I wonder, why we fail to see the point the coin has two sides and if we choose one side the other side automatically comes with it.

      If Dr. Dyer has plus points he has weannesses too. Dr.Dyer is no God.
      He is just a human being and it is Hunane to Err. but to forgive if Divine.

      So be peace unto you and have healthy mind body heart and spirit

    • cleftal horizon Says:

      I agree it was cudely made and xtrology and puppet krish come across as all knowing and hateful, despite being crass wenches

  8. I just started reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s books. He studied under Abraham Maslow.. Self-Actualization.

    I was so upset TEMPORARY to hear not the Cancer but he’s been separated and his divorce came through. Whew.. and the woman he is with looks half his age. (after he kept saying we are spiritual beings).

    But than I realized what I learned in Al-Anon .. a 12 Step program for those of us who grew up in alcoholic homes or have love ones that are alcoholic.

    We learned to listen to the Message and not to put the Messenger up on a pedestal.

    It is just so typical of an older Man divorcing (his 3rd divorce) and with a much younger woman.. I don’t know her age.

    I just don’t want to judge him; and his books helped me so very much. But I’m 48 and time I grew up; and Keep the Focus on my own Growth and not be judging others.. including him.

    So I’m still reading his books since I bought 6 used ones from Amazon.. and the message is wonderful.

    I am working on getting rid of MY EGO.

    In an interview he was still bringing up his childhood. I had an abusive one; and he taught me to embrace it and let it go. Let go and Let god. He helped me a lot. I hope I don’t regress in the future .. and play victim about my childhood .. I’m trying to thrive and not just be a survivor or a victim.

    You have a nice blog. (thanks for this post). I enjoyed reading it.

    • It is interesting you say that. I don’t know anything about Dr. Dyer. I just read the chart to see what it says. But the part about the messenger is so true. If his words help you, they help you. And you seem to have a really good grasp on the fact that no one is perfect.

      I work constantly on that ego thing, too. But I’m finding that the difference between confidence and ego is just what you want the result to be. When it’s ego, your ego is looking for a certain end result. When it’s confidence, it is what it is.

      Here’s the funny thing about childhood. People with good ones are also stuck with stuff, too. In fact, mine was so good, I didn’t think to look for my problems. And I have at least as many as you. Childhood, like relationships, is meant to challenge us. The things we are working on are simply the things we have “chosen” to work on.

  9. Dear Xtrolgy

    It is good to see the Behavioural Scientist getting Xrayed by Astrology. Indian Atheists have started to challenge Astrology recently.

    I wish Some forum is created where individual could be scanned Astrologically, Behaviourally and Bioenergetically too.

    Bioenergetics is the study of individual’s potential and improve his body posture and breathing and expressions emotionally. In short some remedial measures exist in Bioenergetis. Where as in Behavioural Science it is not so, as far as I know. And Dr.Wayne Dyre has been just a Behavioural Scientist so far.

    Astrology has been successful in predicting Past and Future. But what about the remedial measures.
    Behavioural science is judging and suggesting the logical measures. They rove to be superfical ones and has no far reaching effect to the roots of the indivial. Individual is nto just a Mind Logic. Individual is more than Mind and Brain.
    Bioenergetics has been doing justice to Indiavidual more humanely than Behavioral Science can do.
    And Astrology can be a guiding force for Individual to avoid pitfalls in his future life.

    After all these are made avaialable to individual. the process of Spritual Upliftment can be pesued much easily and faster.
    Now individual will be knowing his / her strength more. s/he wil be more in tune with his/her energies rather than sticking to some images given by paarents, societies and his dreams.

    I wish I could write more , but it will become abstract.

    Thanks Xtrology.

    Kishor Lal

    • A friend of mine, Malibu Kim, wrote an article on bioluminescence at The Psychic Bubble. You’re both over my head. Is that the same thing? And you might really like Willow In The Wind, she thinks like you.

      And, yes, astrology, especially Xtrology, is about avoiding the pitfalls and exploiting the benefits. That’s its one and only purpose.

      • Hello Xtrology,

        It is is privilege to talk to you again.

        I have not read about What you friend has in mind about bioluminescence at The Psychic Bubble.
        But same thing might have been talked, discussed differently.

        As every fashion designer creates his/her own style , every Therapist of Psychiatrist has been creating his own terminology . Purpose of fashiondesigner is first to creat interest about his/her style, then question of Protecting the Body comes. Every psychologist psychiatrist has to create his own terms out of compulsion. As far as his understanding goes.
        There will be as many interpretations of a single horoscope as there ar Astrologyers. Though the Horoscope is One why somany different predictions in different word???
        The point is the ‘perceiver’ who is reading the horoscope , will have his/her own background, understanding and so on… So too Psychologically every Therapist view same patient differently.
        Is it not funny that If I go to 20 different psychologists for interpreting my behaviour , each will give his own version, though I am single one Unity.

        So it is only Spirityal World that takes man and woman as Total Whole.
        Even different religions have differtn prescriptions of their own to follow for even though man is single unity.

        Is it not a great challenge of each of us to choose and decide which path to follow? Christianity, Jews, Muslims , Buddhists, Hindus, or Atheisim.?
        And again each major religion has sub divisions of sects to follow different rules.

        SO not to further loose the track of our discuossion I feel, the best way is to come back to our own body, breathing and emotions. The charge it has snce birth, and to know from where this electric charge is coming from. To use the word electric is very crude , some say it is Soul spirit. But in ultimate experience the bioluminescence too leads to Single understanding.

        Paths will be different for journey to travel. but the goal is One and Same.
        Self realization ,
        Body/Mind Understanding >Healing > transforming and liberation.

        with regards


      • Krish, it’s people like you that keep me writing — and that got me through a pretty astrologically terrible year — last year. So I can’t thank all of you enough. I would really like to have “The Psychic Bubble” turn into a community where you and I can express ourselves and help each other. Don’t have the comment button on it yet. Much work to do a magazine!

  10. Thanks. I do know some with terrific childhoods and yet they still have personality traits that they want to work on (or they often ignore). I had to confront mine because they were entwine with childhood abuse. Getting into Al-Anon and ACOA…. the program is not about our qualifiers.. but to KEEP the Focus on our Own Spiritual Growth (not about fixing them).

    Enjoy this week. (hugs)

  11. castnostones Says:

    Since you admit yourself that you know very little about Dr. Dyer…including that you have misquoted his illness itself for it is leukemia and not cancer, perhaps you should get to know his work a little more before disparaging someone’s work as hypocrisy and you will see that he never claims to be perfectly resolved with all of the negativity in his life, but that he chooses not to feed it…something you might benefit from both as an astrologer and a person. Perhaps the real hypocrite is you, exploiting his fame to drive traffic to your blog. But there I go again—casting stones. Must be some planetary reason I hide behind that behaviour, right? What a judgmental crock of crapola. You have shown your true colors by kicking someone when they are down. We are all just mirrors for each other. You have mirrored my intolerance for intolerance and for that, I do thank you for the lesson and I send you and Dr. Dyer both love. But he also gets my respect…which I can not offer you.

    • Did you read my blog or did you just read what you wanted to read? Leukemia is cancer, by the way. I never said his work was hypocrisy. I actually said the opposite. And I do not disparage him in any way. My point is anyone, including me, can walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk and still not be doing the work it takes to eliminate negativity. Dr. Dyer is very lucky to have people who will defend him, but first find someone who is against him. What I wish for him is the positive energy to heal himself and the ability to remove the dis-ease from his body.

  12. WOW some people sound bitter. We are all humans no one claimed to be superman. You sound like someone with an axe to grind like..”aha I got him he’s not so perfect,” Does this make you feel better? I know it does there was no reason to write what you did. His books have helped so manny including me. I’m a more simple person, you can live your life by your silly astrolgy & I will practice just being a caring human being. Unlike others I don’t wish well for you & if it comes back to me oh well at least i’m not fake you think because you end your rant with wishing someone well after calling them a hypocrite its okay. Wayne we all love you nobodys perfect & he has never claimed to be you definitly need to look inside your self because I gurantte you are only relecting what you feel about yourself

    • J2MFP, just so you know, I prefer to know nothing about the people I write about (other than their current situation, because I’m not psychic). The point is to see what is in the person’s astrology chart, so there’s no axe to grind. I’m just making an observation based on where the planets were placed at the time of birth. I make predictions, and if I’m right, and I am so far, pretty much 100%, then I hope more people will be willing to let astrology help them in their daily lives. I don’t like this man or dislike him. And always, I wish the best for everyone — including you. Take a deep breath and ask yourself why you’re being so defensive about someone you don’t know personally. If he were a hypocrite, how does that affect you?

  13. It’s been my experience that when I pay attention to the words coming out of my mouth, based on my intent to be of service to self and others, I find that it is exactly what I need to hear.

    In relation to Dr. Dyer’s paradox, it would seem that his ‘self-injurious thinking’ is so deep that he has a pronounced pontification regarding it. Also, looking at the interconnectivity of the community of celestial consciousness incarnate at this time, he presents the core of transcendence for the rational mind.

    Because of my personal experiences I’ve held back in sharing my own views because it just didn’t seem like the audience, at nearly every level, was ready to hear the questions that evolved from my own exploration. Specifically the ‘contactee’ (for lack of a better) experiences I’ve had since childhood; the question that prompted an entrance into the Light as a teenager; the lack of a terrestrial paper trail for my adoption; and the outer experience reflected as part of the Galactic Federation really brings some serious reality concerns, let alone identity issues. 😉 Fortunately I haven’t been speaking it on a regular basis and I’m about to find out what will happen now when I do.

    Considering the fetters of the ego, was it really his desire for ‘being somebody’ that turned against him? I’ve heard that his personal demeanor is not so kind, but I’ve never met him in person.

    He surely presents as an ego desiring to be an authority. So, with the living example of Wayne’s seeming paradoxical presentation – his lymphatic cancer – what can we ascertain is the cellular message or deep consciousness message that we may glean without personal bias?


  14. Whew… I adore Wayne Dyer and still reading him… and at the same time I do NOT think Xtrology is saying anything Negative. She does sincerely wish him the best. She is just stating the Obvious. He has some issues he has to work on .. that are recropping and coming out sideways. (hugs to him). I’m not a hypocrite either. I do wish him the very best. I’m not perfect either (and still working on my own issues)…but he is changing what he wrote in past books .. and it does sound hypocritical (he is going through something). Poor guy. But I’m not going to be a Sheep and pretend what I’m hearing is OFF.. and pretend it is not.

  15. I don’t think calling Wayne Dyer a liar is accurate or fair. One can teach what one needs to learn the most and still struggle themselves with the very lesson one is attempting to help others with. I can still learn from his struggle. It is not always “lying” as it is “still needing work”. It’s a shame that you won’t be able to be helped through Wayne Dyer’s wonderful books and lectures because you so casually judge him to be dishonest. I for one appreciate his positive approach to life and will continue to benefit from his teachings.

    • Somehow I’ve managed without his books and before I ever took a look at his chart. I don’t judge people. I just read charts. And I give my opinion. That’s all — just my professional opinion as an astrologer. I am going to do many more blogs on cancer in the future. Just the fact that he has it is a judgment in itself. The more we understand the psychological causes of cancer, the sooner we will cure it — in my humble opinion.

      I accidentally stumbled upon Dr. Dyer on PBS today. Just looking at him, one can tell something is terribly wrong. And those of you in denial of that, well, it makes me wonder why. I have no connection to him, but, apparently, you do. If he is a liar or if his theories don’t work or if what he tells you do to he isn’t doing, how would that affect your life? Would you feel you’ve been taken advantage of by a man who is more interested in making money than helping you? Are you defending him so you don’t get angry with him?

      The point I make is a totally valid one. You can be positive all you want, but if you are in denial, you’re still sick. You’re only as sick as your secrets.

      I recommend a book that began me on a long journey, “Science of the MInd.” Possibly Dr. Dyer took you just so far and now it’s time to move on. That’s what I would take away from this — if I were you — and obviously I’m not.

  16. Oh oh xtrology if you’ve done no wrong then stop trying to defend your “opinion”.You can sit here & type a whole book & your not gonna convince me. Mean spirited is what it is so stop with your silly arguments about how your just reading the stars? I read em last night & they said your an idiot… ouch was that mean??? Not any more than calling a sick person a hypocrite, u keep saying why do I care??? we’ll why do you care what I say about you then? who cares if I know or have met him its not the point but whatever like I said before which is the solid truth…if it makes you feel better then go ahead, but pray to your stars you never get sick hurt or whatever because I dont believe in “reading the stars” but I do believe in karma. I’m sure you know this already but what you put out is exactly what you get back so if you feel great reading his or anyones stars & letting the world know how unperfct they are then dont cry when it happens to you…. p.s. you sound like a snob

    • J2MFP, you must think I don’t apply what I say to my own life. But I do, BECAUSE I’M NOT A HYPOCRITE. Dr. Dyer’s followers all seem to have the same theme. They say things to me that are much more mean spirited than anything I’ve said about Dr. Dyer. (I didn’t call him an idiot. Actually I think he’s quite smart.) Pardon me if I can’t follow that logic.

      I’m not a snob at all. Lots of bad things have happened to me. And I take credit for all of them and for the ones in the future. But I’m working on making my future better. I would also like to make the future of my readers better by showing them people that make mistakes and people that succeed. I could use myself as an example, but no one knows me, so I talk about famous people who by the very virtue of being famous have allowed us into their lives — and therefore can’t complain when they become role models — good or bad.

  17. Look I got a little upset I just did’nt & still don’t see the point to what your doing but its your life you don’t have to explain it to me.I wish Wayne the best & yes even you, no biggie ONE LOVE.

    • I’m trying to prove to people that astrology can show you the cycles of your life — and knowing them will allow you to plan ahead maximizing the good cycles and minimizing the bad ones.

      • Dear Xtrology,

        Your claim that you show people the cycles of their life, isgood idea. I too wish to know my bad and good cycles. bad first. could you help me please

  18. Dear Xtrology,

    astrological predictionas are like intutions plus some logic . but writing self help and inspirational books is pure logic. and both are opposite and different. Nither supporting each other.

    Not only that, the person who does the astrology has his/her Right brain activated, and person who is doing self help writing books, his Left Brain Activated.
    and you will see, that Dr.Dyer’s shft, not his book shift, but his shift to Religion and spirituality, from Your Erroneous Zones where he is pure logical and ‘will’ ‘effort’oriented guide, counsellor, to ‘Tao ee ching’ where he just has to be sort of receptive, and no ‘will’ but ‘grace’ of the superpowers he is teaching. This shift shows , his inner mind has realised futility of logic, yet the way he is teaching the Tao, is ‘willed way’… and Universe showers the blessings on those who are NOT ‘Willful’.
    And many will argue then do we become crawling creature lacking will?
    this is the paradox of Universe, ‘will is needed and is to be Let Go too.
    Will to certain extent, and then Let Go and rely just on grace of the univers.

    and this is the paradox, Wayne Dyer’s inner mind has known, and suffered, but is not coming to the waking mind….

  19. Respected Xtrology,

    I am writing this with deep caution and worry, as it may hurt the feelings of Wayne Dyre fans,
    Hence I request you not to publish this and what is following is for your personal reading, and for your liking further with your astrological findings regarding Dr.Dyer.

    I have had first chance to read Dr.Dyer in 1980, his first book, Your Erroneous Zones.

    Iit was mostly dealing with teen guilts, and worries, and immobilised behaviour of the person, and I thank Dr.Dyer for that views he synthesised about human Psychology, in his book.
    Here comes another book, the Pulling your own strings. where he introduces, that ‘your erroneous zone , her referes it as YEZ and says to readers that you have become No Erroneous Zone person, means NEZ… and Dry.Dyer goes on to say that it is not coincidence that it is ZEN written backward…
    Dear Xtrology, here I was impressed by his analogy of his writtings and at that time I was inexperienced by 30 years, but now I see that where Dr.Dyer has nose-dived, that took the toll of his health and not only health, his dear dear marriage too.
    Dear Xtrology, as you will see that Dr.Dyer catapulted in to the world of elite authors and was rolling in riches. and every book he wrote brought him huge fan following and shower of Gold… and when he married the Wife Marcelene, he was in seventh heaven…
    So he was richerer and richeer by Dollars he worked for. and also by marrying , he was getting love he might have cherished in his heart..and it shows the wife too was very loving to him, else the SEVEN CHILDERN FROM SAME WIFE… in this age .. where women are interested first in Comfortable living and second for charismatic Youth, wouth not have allowed herself to undergo seven times the birth pangs. (I also know that giving birth is also an orgasmic experience women feels, but about it I am not focusing now) and also rearing up the children…
    Now the wife Marcelene for whatever reason became the wife of Dr.Dyer., but slowly she came to realise, that there are many sides of Dr.Dyer… he preaches one things ,he writes one thing , he lives one thing and he sleeps yet antoher… and that was the Seven times. pregnancy means the woman had not used contraceptives and Dr.Dyer must have been against them.. it means he is true Christian and follower of Pope’s advices…
    This Dr.Dyer ,rebelling against the establishments, rules and orgainsed system, has another side of his real life… and The wife Marcelene must have seen this dual life….

    Now comes the health of Dr.Dyer… He has had grievances against his DEAD father even after writing the three best sellers… and that was revealed in his book ‘You have to believe if you to See (title may be incorrect, as theb ook I read is gifted away to someone who needed at that time, say 20 years back). So in this book too is is Truthful but he has inner conflicts…
    and the story goes on…
    so many books on ‘power of attractio’ ‘Shift’ etc etc. That are all LOGICAL persuasion.. to the Hiher Forces, And nowhere Dr. Dyer feels that Universe is NOT LOGIC but GRACE.
    and if one wants to benefit of Grace , one needs to change the Heart and not Mind.

    But Dr.Dyer’s Inner conflicts had not been resovled and his Logical persuassions were conflicting with his heart… the pull of different direction taken toll of his health…. and
    also his Marriage.

    and Still the Tao Teh Ching.. is taught by him… I am not sure how readers of this book are getting benefit, or are they getting any benefit at all?

    In summary one can say that success makes one so deceiptive, that he thinks he can cheat anyone and everyone… but those liivng with him and loving him bear the brunt of his behaviour that is Self Contradictory…
    Childran can not disown the father. but Wife can surely sense this double face.
    and see , what success made dr.dyer do… produce progeny year in year out…
    and Tao Te ching is totally non seeking and non conflicting attitude one needs to have.
    You just immagine how much wife Marcelene must have suffered.
    the Karma, the Law of Action is never failing….

    Dear Xtrology, this is for your personal use and for further reading of Astrological chart of Great Dr.Dyer.

    • And Added to this are :

      What Dr.Wayne got in his Willed Way, he was throwing away in sexual pleasure, and he is proof of seven great children, There is nothing wrong in enjoying Sex and producing children, but proflem comes when the energy you are supposed to use for your spiritual upliftment is wasterd away, and you are not helpless about it. you are just a puppet of your hormonses, and just, you feel the conflict withing for not having the control over the self, and that too ending in Guilt.. which you are advising others to solve…
      Thus, the Secual guilt and efforts to sblimate the potent enry by Taoist means, created the spiritual conflict too, and energy was pulling in opposite direction. Thus two centres of gravity are created in one person, and end resutl one can see… the unhealthy body, unhappy marriage….

      God bless Dr.Dyer, and save him from the ailments and give him much needed solace..

  20. auramac Says:

    I’m sorry, but most of what I’ve read here is absolutely irresponsible, naive, and frankly, ridiculous. To assume that one has cancer or any physical disease or breakdown due to unresolved psychological issues, particularly dishonesty, and to pass judgment or utter such with absolute certainty based upon this turn of events and the ancient, ignorant, scientifically unproven school of thought known as astrology is in itself an arrogant, foolish, and harmful energy to subject upon people. We shall all get sick and we shall all die. “Even the good die young.”

    It is not explained, nor manipulated quite so easily. No need to respond. I am shocked by this “discussion.” And, yes, I too do not know the people involved. The ones who blog. I know nothing about your life, your lives. But I do know when something rings so false that it is to be avoided. No, I am not threatened. I am not touched. But I feel for those who are so desperate for answers, for explanations, if not solutions, that rather than embrace and accept the unknown, they distort it for themselves and their innocent victims.

    There is no religion, no culture, no book, no guru, no map that can explain all there is. Believe what you want. But don’t project it onto other people, because reality is not a universal vision.

    • auramac, comments do not show on my blog unless I approve them. I do not believe that everyone has to think like I do. This blog is for people like me who do want answers (and, yes, there was a time I was desperate for an explanation) and the ability to plan ahead and avoid unnecessary pitfalls. What I don’t understand is why you are reading a blog that is based on a subject you don’t believe in? But, P.S., you’re not sorry.

  21. Interesting.

  22. I don’t think calling anyone a hypocrite is a positive thing to say. Very judgmental. I do NOT accept this.

  23. Dr.Dyer and his troubles

    His book Pulling your own string : teaches us how to escape emotional blackmail and trap.

    Same weapon is used against him by his wife who divorced him.

    when he expressed his shock on this separation.
    He said’ this is not less than a heart atttack’

    and Dr. Dyer also has taught millions that ‘Parents are thinking that children are belonging to them. Parents forget that children have come through them, and not belonging to them’

    great statement by Dyer for others but bitter medicine is not for him?
    If he had not invested too much into wife, emotionally, he could have save his heart from heart attack like situation.

  24. Suzi Brown Says:

    the question really is… if it was in his chart…could of he really avoided cancer? Probably not…it is part of his journey. I don’t believe people always create cancer while here on the planet…yet set there chart up for it before they come here. You being an “astrologist ” don’t see it that way?
    It is in his chart. That is what is so confusing about free will. How much free will do we really have.

    Has an astrologist looked at rich people’s charts and the pour ones? There should be a study done on this. For example…using the famous ones. Was it in there chart they would be rich? If it isn’t it the chart…did they get rich anyway? I am very curious about this. Can they really set their intention and become rich if it isn’t in their chart??


    • Yes, Suzi, you can become rich if your chart does not indicate it. Your chart shows your potential — good or bad. You’re not stuck with what you’re given. But generally people don’t fight who they are or who they think they are — they just go with the flow. For example, most people that show lying in their charts, lie. Cancer doesn’t show in your chart, just the potential for cancer. So in theory, if you take care of yourself psychically and emotionally (which I and others believe plays into the dis-ease), then you could avoid cancer.

      Lady Gaga’s chart does not show that she will be rich — not at all. In fact, it is surprisingly normal. So when I first saw it, I didn’t know what to think of it. I had to go back into her childhood to see what made her special. And I determined it was the ability to like herself at an early age — due to the protection of Jupiter. She escaped all that angst that most teenagers put themselves through wanting to fit in. And because of that and her desire to learn (unlike Madonna, she is quite the pianist), she rose to the height you see her today.

      So to answer you, you have a great deal of free will, but, the universe can either be very kind to you or very troublesome — and what determines that — that may be an answer for religion, not astrology.

  25. Desiree Fielder Says:

    Wayne Dwyer:
    I came onto here looking for his birth details, and read most of what is above.. ..We are all here to LEARN ABOUT LOVE ? arent we… my own lessons have been exceptionally painful, you can choose to be bitter and twisted or to grow from them.. .. Maybe it would be nice to just sit down have a cuppa with Dr. Dwyer and see him as a soul that is evolving from incarnating here back TO LOVE.. We all only come from a point of our own fragile ego’s and seeing anothers pain and suffering is a different perspective is it not? COMPASSION AND LOVE.. many thanks., Desiree:)

  26. @Desiree Fielder Says:
    Thank you for your promising wishes and hope new year may bring to us all.
    I did read most of Dr.Dyers’ books. I admire him lot as a person, writer, narrator.
    I have tried to see why the deadly disease struck to this wonderful person who has helped millions. But I could not reconcile. I still feel about Dr.Dyer
    1-that he , in an honest confession in his writings , carries much anger, angst against his FATHER. This emotionsl ‘block’ is embedded in him.

    2-Dr. Dyer has taken to Tao teaching through his books. Tao is the way of surrender and not struggle against the Existential forces. With so muich anger and angst within, one can carry on the day to day life but when it comes to teach the Taoist spirituality, one has to get cleansed from within , surrener to a Master who himself is Spiritually beacon to other. But Dr.Wayne Dyer has not come accross any such spirituality ordained process. Dr.Wayne is ‘logically explaining’ Tao, and teaching seems good logically.

    3-Since we know Dr.Dyer who taught us abc of the human behaviour, human weaknesses, and how to get strengthened, we love him from our core of the heart. But that does not make Dr.Dyer a spiritual master to teach the Tao.

    4-Dr.Dyer has deep wounds within, and he has not healed himself, with this critical condition he prolonged much, he had great wife who gave him 7 wonderful children. with inner conflicts, his ‘aura’ was not expanding, but shrinking, and the calamity of ‘cancer’ sruck him.

    5-Dr.Dyer has lived in conflict when he was a chld, and now too he has sufferred ‘conflicts’ only. As a cultured society we may not agree to this, but the ‘desertion by wife’ is evident. and that too when Dr.Wayne admitted that ‘my heart is gone, and I have suffered not less than heart attack’.

    6-If we are aware of Kirlian Photography, that captures human aura, we can save perso from getting struck by diseasses before it strikes us. as per theory of Kirlian, the aura of person shows how healtjy a man is or not. when some disease is to strike him/her, the aura shrinks, rather makes a dent into the cirlcle at a specifice place, and that organ or body get weakned.
    7-Though westen science does not have the relevance of Kirlian theory now, in future this is going to be big instrument to heal the sick, and save lot of hardships and suffering due to medical tests, like blood test, X ray, etc.

    I wish Dr.Dyer is healed with our prayers and continues teaching us well


  27. sara blackwell Says:

    I realize that you must be a learned astrologer, but with respect to your remarks on Dr. Dyer’s present condition and the ensuing discussion, I suggest that you LIGHTEN UP! You aren’t in a position to know what his circumstances are or what goes on inside of his heart, or for that matter, what the future holds for him. So please stop judging him – because YOU DON’T KNOW! The one thing that IS evident about this man is the overwhelming number of people whom he has helped during his career. It doesn’t get any better than that – Service To Others, as opposed to Service To Self. Maybe he does (as all of us do) have some inner work/resolutions to accomplish, but he is only a human being, trying his best to make the most of his earth experience. I have NEVER responded to anything on the internet after reading blogs, comments, etc., but your site has prompted me to break the silence. I wonder what Wayne thinks of this? With respect to you and every other person bagging on him… please lighten up and put the stone in your hand down! sergei

  28. sara blackwell, thanks for allowing Xtrology to be your first comment. I’m happy you’re so passionate about this.

    Astrology does not judge. We speculate based on years of training. The point is to show you and others that astrology can help you in your life.

    If Dr. Dyer read this, I hope it would be a help to him. Although I don’t doubt for a minute that he knows this illness is a sign of his failure to overcome his issues. You’re not giving him enough credit. He gets it. I’ll bet.

  29. sara blackwell Says:

    Thanks so much for clearing this up for me. I was so sure that the label “hypocrite” was a judgement call. What a relief to learn that it was only speculation!

  30. What an utterly hatefull person you are. To derive pleasure from this mans illness. And do not deny it is pleasure, your very title drips with it.

    Dr Dyer has never painted himself as a saint. I would suggest you look at your own motive for posting such an angry blog.

    • Wayne Dyer, like me, gets haters, like you. What I said is tame compared to some of the nasty sentiments people leave for him. We all get them — even a little blog like mine. He’s immune. So am I. Perhaps you should look at your language.

  31. P.S:

    Word salad about how much you ‘admire’ Dr Dyer. Does NOT get arounf the tittle of your blog. You called him a Hyrpocrite and continue to call him one with the very title of the post.

    You admit he has helped you and given you insight you you insist on not removing the post and indeed defend it.

    I have nothing but pity for you. Go ahead and defend your position (excuse) for insulting a person who has done nothing but try and help the world.

    I just hope he never comes across this page, it may break his heart.

    • I don’t admire him. I don’t know him. But I do think he is a hypocrite for not taking his own advice. It is my understanding that he specifically says that if you think like him, you won’t get cancer. So that’s hypocritical.

      It’s you that’s not giving him enough credit. If he read my blog he would either agree or disagree with what I said. I think he feels like a hypocrite, because he should. Besides he’s way too rich and famous to care what I say.

  32. I am not sure who reads this and but I wish to clarify that I have great admiration for Dr.Dyer’s assertive philosophy, and motivating dialogs. I am feeling sad when I recall the time ‘when Dr.Dyer diagnosed…. ‘ but the agony of Dr.Dyer did not end at that, the most devastating time came when Dr.Dyer had to face reality of his life getting into Half, when his other half, mother of his seven children moved out of his life. This is more shocking to his lovers who consider the man an epitome of wisdom. What went wrong with them both, that sudden break happened?… Is the truth and wisdom Dr.Dyer professes not in line with the life he lived as a married man? Or both ‘truths’ : 1-as preached to world, and 2-as lived in personal life are different and conflicting ones. Please tell me how do we reconcile with this fact. Or is Dr.Dyer evolving from a hard logical communicator Western world to a mystical saint of Eastern spirituality? and this evolution could not be tolerated by those who are near and dear to him?… Dr. Dyer has his personal life and privacy, undeniably secret. Should his fans and followers not get any answer of this question. What went wrong with marriage of Dr.Dyer?. Will Dr.Dyer reveal this in any of his interviews of books in future? Dr.Dyer is Truthful and Courageous man, and so will keep up to this spirit, many of his fans are waiting to know.

  33. I can’t really see the point in judging other people; really what’s the benefit of it? Life is bigger than anything we human can believe or conceive. So as we all share the same destiny no matter who we are or what we believe, I vote for peace and understanding.

  34. Just as I don’t “believe” Wayne Dyer has ever had the “answers” for the rest of us (I’ve had many discussions with friends who seem to think I’m cynical and negative for believing this), I don’t :”believe” anyone has the answers for why he is sick. Face the Eternal Truth (especially when you’re lying awake at night and there’s no one to reassure yourself with): you can’t be certain of anything. Almost everything is “belief”, and “belief” is simply a mental construct that has no reality whatsoever.

    • I do think I know why he is sick — it’s just my opinion — but I believe it’s a mind/body connection. Cancer, in particular, is about hanging on to anger issues. In the book, “When The Body Says No,” it talks about the disease you get matching your belief system. The nicest people get cancer, because they don’t express their anger.

  35. Jim Franklin Says:

    New age bullshit. Cancer about “anger issues?” Right. Uh-huh. Cancer is about cellular mutation. Your well-intended, yet misguided “diagnoses” such as the ones I read hear cause those less aware than Wayne Dyer and, yes, me, to feel guilt. Anyone care to suggest how guilt helps anyone?

    Perhaps you’d care to tell me when I’ll develop cancer, based on what you perceive to be my inner “anger issues?”

    • I would be happy to do that. Please contact me about a private reading. I can’t actually tell you that you will get cancer, but I can tell you when it would happen — if it were going to happen. Perhaps, you should read my blog on Giuliana Ransic.


      I predicted she would have trouble with her marriage. Instead she got cancer. What I was actually predicting was her state of mind. Not everyone is angry. Not everyone gets cancer. But what you are overlooking is the mind/body connection. I’m simply saying your mind and your body either live in harmony or they don’t. I am saying illness is the result of an unhappy mind. Wouldn’t you like to believe your mind has that kind of power? Isn’t that what Dr. Dyer preaches?

  36. No amount of spiritual practice makes one exempt from the trials and triumphs of being human. None, not Dyer nor any other creature can say with any degree of finality what ’causes’ a disease. ALL of us have work to do. Wayne Dyer has never denied his human shortcomings and has cited them many times. He has spoken openly about his histories of infidelity, addiction, his challenges as a father, his anger towards his own father, and his the still ever pervasive moments when his ego gets in the way of his higher self. We assume our spiritual leaders should be free from the trials and tribulations of the human experience. We forget that they too inhabit bodies made of flesh and bone as easily influenced by their thought patterns, the food they ingest, the environment, the chemicals in their cleaning products, and the attitudes and life experiences of others. In the interest of our own evolutionary processes, why not just aspire to be and practice to the extent that we can, to seek inspiration where we find it and hold it close to our hearts – rather than spend time trying to discredit our sources and figure out God. If Dyer or even Tolle teach us anything it is that we are pieces of God, that what joins us is that ‘energy’ that allows our form to be. That same energy allows soldiers to be killed, earthquakes to take lives, children to die before they’ve had a chance to live, and animals to viciously attack one another as part of the order of things and so on. It is not for us to judge what is good or bad universally, but to examine ourselves, find and claim our own divinity, not judge the degree or validity of another.

  37. And he has cured this disease. Sad that so many are so quick to ridicule when he clearly walks his talk.

  38. I leave this comment not to address the author of this blog but to address those who are reading the words here as visitors to this page, like me. We all have our opinions and this is mine… Firstly, I “believe” that Wayne Dyer’s intention is to be helpful. If that alone is true then he is ahead of many who would lead you to believe they are being helpful when really they are only seeking to help themselves. You can distinguish the two types of people because those who are seeking to be helpful will tell you not just what you can do to find more fulfillment, they also take the time to teach you how to do it. The other type of person spends their time tearing other people down, or telling you why you or other people are wrong but not leading you in any direction that is beneficial. I personally have read MANY of Dr. Dyer’s writings and have found them to be incredibly helpful. I have been encouraged, inspired, made to laugh, cheered up, re-centered, reinvigorated, and have had many other positive experiences that relate directly to the teachings that Dr. Dyer puts out in to the universe. Now, ask yourself, have you had any of these or any other positive emotions from what you read here? Would you say the vast majority of people or even a large portion of people that read this particular blog experience feelings of being uplifted or inspired by it? Having been inspired by Dr. Dyer do I therefore need to believe that he is an immaculate being or that if any proof of his HUMANity surfaces that I should discount anything I’ve learned from him? He IS human. If only those among us that are the complete measure of perfection were allowed to teach then we would have no teachers. If those teachers who have brought us to where we are were to be discounted for mistakes they made or for their imperfections then we would collapse as a society. With that being said, I personally feel that the author of this blog is operating on ALOT of assumptions. I have my own beliefs about Astrology and to be open I will state them… Personally, I don’t think that it would have been around as long as it has if it did not have something to contribute. However, reading many astrological writings and having a mother that did astrological readings has lead me to believe that some people seem to mesh with their astrological charts fairly well and that other people seem to diverge from the direction their chart would indicate. The difference, in my opinion, is determined by free will, the freedom of choice, and personal awareness. Believing this makes this particular blog troubling for me because the author seems to feel that her “predictions,” insights, and findings are somewhat absolute rather than just being markers for potentially fulfilled realities. You can reference above where she says that she makes predictions and has been right “pretty much 100%” of the time (feb. 7, 2010). To me this is a red flag because even people with the easiest of tasks are rarely on target 100% of the time… let alone someone attempting to predict the direction of LIFE which has more variables than any other aspect of this world that I know of. One major assumption that I notice the writer here makes is that the Cancer that Dr. Wayne Dyer has/had (I do not know his current status) is COMPLETELY due to harboring negative thoughts. Now, I certainly believe that the things we hold in and the energies that we dwell in and emanate have an effect on our well being. However, in this age, someone who is not open to the fact that there is more than one factor that plays a role in the maladies we suffer from is likely dealing more with ignorance than with insight. For example, there are many cases where leukemia has shown up in clusters in different communities often affecting both children and adults. One example happened in Woburn, MA where many children and adults died or suffered from Leukemia in a short amount of time and within a small area until it was found that the ground water was contaminated from chemicals leached in to the water supply by local commercial industry. Are we to assume that these men, women, and children were actually dying purely as a result of the negativity that they held within? Or, in this case, can we admit that maybe there were other factors at play? And if so, isn’t it possible that there may have been other factors at play with Dr. Dyer? The truth is that we don’t know. We don’t know if Dr. Dyer sits at home dwelling in anger everyday of his life or if he was just unlucky enough to be exposed to something that lead to the development of leukemia or both… we don’t know… NO ONE DOES. We can suppose and presume and speculate… but we don’t know. And, whoever our heroes are… we can not truly know what their heart holds. We can only go by what our senses and our instincts and our hearts lead us to believe. So, listen to Dr. Dyers teachings and ask yourself what your heart believes this mans intentions are and if you don’t believe that his intentions are good then find someone you do believe intends well and who inspires you and listen to them. Personally, I believe him to be one of the people that is trying to improve this world… even if it is through the imperfect vessel of being a human that has his own challenges and obstacles in life to overcome. May we all find the teachings that we seek in the name of love and compassion and growth. Thank you God for allowing me to feel compassion for those who are lost though they may cause me anger, fear, or guilt. God bless.

    • God bless back atcha… your statements are also “well intended” and uplifting by simply being reflective of Dr. Dyer’s advice to practice ‘radical humility’ . There are a great deal of people who insist on having answers, but the greatest truth (and ironically, one of our greatest gifts) is that we don’t know everything. I would ask that people exercise their ability to say “I DON’T KNOW.” The ONLY way to access the unknown is to stop ‘knowing.’ They are contradictory states and the ego insists on knowledge where it doesn’t exist, but the ego is a finite place and denial is a powerful force– both of which aspires to control and fence each of us in.

      “We” will always be greater than “me”– selflessness aggrandizes all of us. My words, but a conclusion reached through reading from many authors, with Dr. Dyer being a key influence. Surrender and humility are parallel forces– antagonistic to control and pride, denial and ego.

      Dr. Dyer has a new show on PBS. I haven’t watched it yet, but as a 41 year old father of 3, I can take what Dr. D has to say and absorb what feels like truth and entertain that which stretches beyond my paradigm. The latter may never take hold, but I know that as one human being to another, Dr. Dyer is intent upon elevating the hearts and minds of his audience. I can get behind that whether I buy into what he has to say or not.

      And a thank you to the mediator of this message board: As a person who found himself ‘seeking’ during a ‘dark night of the soul,’ you gave me an outlet to speak of gratitude. When I’ve felt my greatest distress, Dr. Dyer’s counsel (by audiobook) has given a heavy heart a place to keep my feet on the ground.

      • Danielle Wong Says:

        I read and re-read many of Wayne Dyer’s books as I find that he does speak from the heart, from love, from the source. As we all have vessels (bodies) which are imperfect we are bound to either have disease or well, eventually leave this vessel. Since Mr. Dyer does not seem to be too attached to his vessel I think it makes perfect sense that he is moving a long in his purpose as it is planned. I believe he trusts his personal process whether disease consumes his vessel or not. I do not see him entrenched in ego and I think that those that judge him are as they cannot see passed the point of illusion. All of “this” is illusion except the spirit and love. So no matter what happens Wayne’s spirit and love for the universal connection will conquer. Oh, why do we judge, we want to feel right and if we are right he must be wrong. People we are missing the point…Wayne did not say that he is perfect he just said think positively and put your intention out into the universe. There are no guarantees, I never heard him make any guarantees to me. Wisdom is humility.

  39. I have already forgotten her name, but the owner of Spanks and the first woman self-made billionaire said that she had listened to Dr. Dyer’s tapes — now that’s a substantial tribute to him. She also just seems like a very genuine person.

  40. I remember reading his first book years ago. It really helped me and I thought it made perfect sense.

    It was mainly about how to overcome societal overconditioning and guilt.

    I sort of lost track of him over the years till I saw him show up on TV sort of preaching that you could sort create your own good luck with positive thinking.

    I believe a person can influence their situation with their thoughts…..TO A DEGREE… but not as much as Dyer

    In the bible in Ecclesiastes it says:
    “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favor to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all.”

    I also remember Ram Dass when talking about his stroke saying maybe part of the lesson was so people who were on the spiritual path would realize that that it didn’t necessarily mean that only good things would happen to you.

    When I saw Dyer speaking there was a lack of humbleness in his presentation that troubled me.

    Heart problems, divorce, leukemia like the bible says maybe just luck of the draw, but part of me wonders if something isn’t trying to give him a sign to be humble and to go back to teaching people how to improve themselves and not to sort of give them false hope that they can think themselves out of serious things or beat them selves up over being unable to do so.

    • Jim, that is so profound. You are one of the few people that realize that I’m not criticizing Dr. Dyer’s philosophy. Being positive is good, but nothing is better than humility. The meek will inherit the earth. I like the quote from Ecclesiastes so much I’m adding it to my new “About” page. Thanks for your wisdom.

  41. The IRS took all of my money. My wife never told me, in fact, she went out of her way to forge documents and steal the rest of my life savings too. This caused my wife to have 2 heart attacks in one week. My 20 yr. old daughter totaled two of my cars within one week, stole my truck and failed out of college and moved in with a 38 yr. old guy who has 3 kids. I was fired from my job, denied unemployment, we have no insurance, I have diabetes and am on several medications, & my step dad committed suicide. I went through my childhood in a similar manner as Dr. Dyer, never really knew my real dad, was raised in a foster home then abused by a step dad and care givers. But, I got through it. Here I am today! Happy as ever! WTF? Heh? Rock on, Dudes!

    • Well, just know that someone feels for you. I know what a bad cycle is like. But we make it through them. Actually some people don’t. They’re brutal. But it’s my observation that if you suffer in silence, accept what has been given to you without question, you get rewarded. I talk about it in my magazine, The Psychic Bubble, under “Beauty In & Out.” It’s the Law of Acceptance. And it works. And you seem like just the guy to be rewarded. You still have a sense of humor. That’s remarkable. Sending you good thoughts. And, hey, go back to unemployment. File a grievance. That’s just wrong.

  42. Christopher Says:

    A few years ago I accidentally came across an audiobook of Wayne that I listened to repeatedly for a long time, it seemed to help me with some of my feelings. Take that for what its worth. I am a 27 year old bi-polar alcoholic with severe depression. I have lost my sense of humor, and overall my sense of life. I have feelings of longing and grief and fear that haunt me in my sleep.

    Now I am 5 years older and my misery has grown. I got online hoping to find some uplifting and inspiring information so I searched Wayne Dyer. I was saddened to see that the wikipedia article on Wayne remained unchanged since the last time I read it 5 years before, except for one detail, under spouse it now reads “divorced”. Then I looked at some web pages that promoted Waynes teachings and find them to be tacky and feeling like cheap advertisements. Like the infomercials that play on late night TV. but I keep digging and all I find is more bad news, heart attack, leukemia, plageurism.

    So far this blog was the best information I have found. Its not filled with rave reviews by mindless fans who are clearly obsessed with and fanatical about the man. And its not super judgmental attacks being spewed by cynical critics who are out to destroy Wayne because they are jealous of his success. It just seems like a lot of normal people looking for answers. Which is why I came here. Now I just feel silly for believing that I would get on the internet and find some incredible inspiration that would lift me from this depression. But I did read some good comments here, that inspired me to think. I thought leaving my own comment might even make me feel better.

    • For me, your comment was thoughtful and insightful. You may want to do more writing, because you are good at it. I could write a poem to WordPress for their free blogs. You may be able to reach people in the same situation as yourself. WordPress has built in SEO. I had 200 hits in my first month in 2009. WordPress is completely user friendly.

      I’m very happy when I think that someone realizes that we are all just sharing. I’ve gotten some very hateful comments. A psychologist told me once to see everyone as “just trying to survive.” Some of us are better than others. I recently talked to a classmate for the first time since his accident that left him a quadriplegic. That was ten years ago. And I haven’t stopped thinking about our conversation. It was exhilarating. We’ve all had extremely negative experiences. But he has done what I think is the hardest, he has comes to terms with it. He isn’t asking why me? Although I think that is an obvious question. And let me answer that for you. The experiences you are having are meant to make you a better person. But sometimes, it is too much. It’s more than you can process.

      I think Dr. Dyer is trying to answer those questions for himself. But the presence of cancer tells me he hasn’t quite resolved his issues. I would like to recommend several books for you. I think you should start with THE MOOD CURE, by Julia Ross, because your brain chemistry could need attending to. I began my journey to semi-enlightenment with SCIENCE OF THE MIND by Holmes. I also recomment A NEW EARTH, by Ekhart Tolle although I had to read it a few times. It’s difficult. And finally WHEN THE BODY SAYS NO by Gabor Mate. All these you can get through Amazon.com. Get the used ones. They usually are the same.

      The best medical “cure” for depression I have ever found is refrigerated Barleans Flaxseed Oil. It creates dopamine. And it improves mood as no drug will.

      And finally, keep in touch. There are many people here on my site and on the Internet that want to help you. We are a community. Also come to Xtrology’s Facebook page, leave a comment and I will “friend” you personally. Keep looking, Christopher, the answer is out there. And you’ve completed the first step. You’re in touch with your problem.

  43. I cant believe i read the whole thing. Even when the haters tempted me to stop reading (negative nonsense: name calling,etc).

    Something in me pressed on… So very glad that i did!
    The comment from Christopher and the moderators reply made it all worthwhile.

    I cannot disagree with the mind /body connection… i personally witnessed this as a young girl… someone very dear to me dying from cancer… too young to understand but never have forgotten (30 yrs ago) watching her slip in/out of consciousness, calling out her ex husbands name (who had left her with 7 children,for a younger woman years before) it was heart breaking for us to realize that she was not “over it” as she had led us to believe. I watched her take her last breath… i rememder feeling a sense of relief for her trial ending. And confusion because i wanted her to stay with us. But she carried a secret burden, (maybe even secret from herself) . We cant just “get over it and move on” we need to “go thru the process” truly go thru it… and release it.

    There was no good reason for her having cancer. no family history, no alcohol.smoking.bad food (avid gardener,exellent cook) … devoted to her religion, her children, etc… Such a good lady… but still… unresolved issues… one of the greatest lessons ive ever learned.

    • Marie, you’re so right. Once you start thinking this way, you see so many examples. And if it comes from within, you have control over it. Some of the ‘nicest’ people get cancer. Being nice is very over-rated. You’re ignoring people and situations that hurt you. We don’t want to ‘cure’ cancer. We want people we love to never get it at all. And thanks for reading all the way through. It’s a long one!

      • Christopher Says:

        Thanks for your reply, for some reason I did not receive the email notification until yesterday. Its funny to me to think of how much has changed in two months for me, or 12 for that matter. I have seen so much change in the last year I don’t know what to make of it. I would really like to thank you for your response and the suggestions for books, unfortunately I don’t read books anymore, but I do keep buying them.

        And I will have to get some of this flax seed oil you speak of, but I may have more serious issues. I suspect most of my chemistry issues were created by the high doses of antidepressants I took from childhood and through my teen years. Then I accidentally killed a person just recently, and that changed me. Some days are just okay, most of them are not. But I am open to anything, you seem to know a lot.

        I am always amused at how easily people get angry when responding to blogs and articles on the internet, And I wonder what these people are like in real life. Are they really so confrontational and sensitive? I suspect they are the same people who tuck their tails and feign ignorance when the police stop them for speeding or running a red light. I guess we are all hypocrites to something.

        Lastly, this was my first comment on any blog of any kind, I usually just read them, so thanks for the comment about my writing skills, considering I barely know how to use a computer that makes me feel pretty good. Also I am interested in another post you wrote about Capricorn moon people, but there was no commenting for that post. I would really like to know more, so if I could email you with questions please tell me.

  44. Christopher, anyone who is depressed would benefit from expressing their opinion. We should all remember that we’re not in this alone. Just from the tone of your writing, you sound like you’re feeling better. I’ll put comments back on Capricorn Moon. I took them off because I was hoping I could eliminate the flood of spam and direct people to Facebook instead. But it didn’t really work.

    I can’t really address some of the other things that you said, but try to read some of the books you have. You’ll eventually hear what you need to get back to being yourself.

    And keep commenting!

  45. It always amazes me at how much of this is from the Bible and not the “I Am Discourse” which is not biblical. Please,,, before going forward with this revelation of new age, please pick up the Bible, old or new, you’ll find all of this and much more in much plainer text!!!! Oh, I did buy the “i am discourse” I’m sorry that I did. thought there was something missing from my faith,,,,,there isn’t, or wasn’t, but he does have a great sales pitch!!!!
    we must stop this nonsence

  46. We all suffer and suffering can manifest itself in many ways. Maybe some of those ways has not yet been discovered to our own unique sense. Dr. Dyer does not dispute that his cancer may have been brought on by his own suffering. But I do hear a sense of righteous indignation in the tone of some who attribute his cancer to his failed relationships. This sounds like some right-wing pontificating that Katrina came because of our tolerance of gays? It appears that he handled his suffering well and has moved on to a happier place in his life. When that which is brewing inside each of us comes to its fruition, let us wish that we can find the love that he is expressing and move on with as much ease.

    • Nicely said, Kevin. I wish for him health and happiness and for you and others that have commented. What this blog has done is get people talking about the connection between mind and body. It hasn’t always been pretty. But at least the conversation continues.

  47. I have been following this thread for 2 yrs. now. Good one! Too bad Mr. Dyer hasn’t stopped by himself.

  48. Michael Dempsey Says:

    I know this is your blog Xtrology and you seem to be an attractive person(if thats your picture) and you have many opinions, hence the need for a BLOG. But why spend so much energy analysing Mr Dyers, health, work, motives and outcomes? We are all human and we all make good and bad choices. I have NO IDEA what Mr Dyers choices have been nor do you….and I certainly wouldnt take the time to discuss something I know nothing about ad nauseum. Why not do whatever it is you do…for something positive?

    • While it may be hard for you to understand why I do this, it is hard for me to understand how you can miss the point. I’ve studied astrology for 20 years and developed my own method of prediction. I blog to prove that Xtrology works. That’s all. No evil motive.

  49. this brakes my heart….David you say what I can not convey. Why such judgement on a man who does his best. We are all going to die and none know how. Anyone can study Astrology and be mainly right, anyone can study biology and be mainly right, anyone can study spirituality and be mainly right…get my jist? i do not mean any disrespect to anyone here but NONE have all the answers. This wold will so much better when we spend less time pointing out the very few negative things a great one has done…when i say great one , I mean one that has spent more time doing good and trying hard to keep it up. We should not pay attention nore county ones falls….unless themselves are without fault. I would of loved this blog far more if it taught some great things abuot what the Astrologer has learned and will pass on than a judgement call instead. Just my two cents worth. wishing you all peace and good health. And Ps. the nicest person most will ever meet died of a disease, not because of held in anything or badness toxifying her…because of the foods that are tainted in our groceriy stores and it was her time! How can we die or have full empathy of one ( if needed in our path in life) if we dont get sick first? Just all in the plan poss.take care all.

    • I’ll just say this again. I make observations not judgments. It’s good that a blog creates a discussion and none more than Mr. Dyer’s. Thanks for everyone’s comments.

  50. I did not read all the posts. But the ones I read are, quite frankly, ridiculous. First of all god does not give people illness. I have the same cancer that he has. This type of cancer is thought to be from agricultural chemicals. I was a farmer from 5 years old, until 33 years old. We breathed in chemicals while they were being sprayed. Dr. Dyer did not give himself cancer! You people must understand that Dr. Dyer is a human being just like the rest of us. He decided to teach people good things. He may not always live by them, why? he is a human being just like us. Why did he get divorced, why marry three times, He is a human being just like us. Don’t judge has been around a long time. I like what I hear from him and I feel better. His personal life is none of my concern, unless he was an evil person, such as a serial killer. I read the posts and I can not believe that people in this day and age believe that WE give ourselves illness by getting god angry at us! Not true at all God is loving, he dose not work that way, only mortals do things like that. Please leave the man alone, as printing hurtful comments on a blog is so horrible. The man is VERY intelligent. Those kind of people do have flaws. The type of cancer is almost harmless. It lingers through the person’s life with no symptoms, and you may die from old age before you did from this. I even forget I have it. This type of bashing qualifies description of the Salem Witch time period. Wish the man luck and good health!

    • Anthony, I’m not judging him. I don’t think God gave him cancer. But I do think that whatever illness you (or anyone) has, has a mind/body connection. You give yourself illnesses when you are unhappy and internalize it. That’s all. I’ve seen Dr. Dyer recently on PBS, and, frankly, he didn’t look so good. And he was rambling on. I can’t remember now, but it didn’t make a lot of sense. But if he helps you, great. I do wish him luck and good health. Of course, I do. And clarity. If he is doing something wrong, I also believe in karma, he will pay for it. That’s not my job. I just read charts and tell people what I think they say. Don’t take this so seriously. It’s my opinion he’s a little bit of a huckster. And THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I’VE EVER SAID ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT HIM. I wrote in my original blog that I thought he was a hypocrite. And if he is, he is. IT WAS AN OBSERVATION I MADE, WITHOUT KNOWING HIM, JUST LOOKING AT HIS CHART.

      Good luck and good health to you, too!

      • Your problem is those charts. I don’t look at charts to guide my life. I feel I have luekemia from environmental issues. There appears to be no doubt. I don’t live my life by saying, each time I do something wrong I’ll pay. It’s not pay as you go. Life was not formed as a Game where the winner (or loser) gets cancer, killed in an accident, etc. To be honest with you, I did not know what this web site was about, I guess. Now I get the picture. I don’t believe in what you represent. Not saying your wrong, but in my life, it’s meaningless. I’m not into merlin, wizardry, etc. Life is negative and positive. Each decision we make each day, even minute will chart our course. If you are a negative person, negative things will follow you. That’s all you see and feel, so there you go. You must look at life, your life and recognize it’s positive points and build on them. If you are behind the eight ball since birth, poverty, bad family life, unfortunately you must work harder to succeed. I’m saying don’t give up. I guess you have a right to this web site. But it’s kind of hard to believe that you devote a web-site just to attack a fellow human being instead of using your energy to make the world a better place. Some people will read this stuff and believe it. There is the danger.

    • Leave this man alone. He doesn’t even know or care that I exist. Why? When he has followers like you?

  51. Plus in regards to giving yourself illness. Look at the world, evil people sometime live longer than nice people. If what you are saying is true, there would be a population of maybe 500 on the planet of the happiest , best people on earth. I don’t see it, so your theory is so wrong. Some depressed people live to a ripe old age. It is so obvious that what your selling makes no sense. I seen him too. What do you expect. He is 71, traveling around spreading his message. He should be home relaxing. He is only human. You are suggesting that he should be here at 230 years old, still convincing everyone that he leads a stress free life? That’s why he will never die? That’s appears to be what your saying. even the prettiest girl sometimes don’t look too good. I don’t get it with you. I don’t think he is saying if you follow my teachings and recipe for life, you will never die, and never get any illness. I must be missing something. We ALL do something wrong everyday. Take you for example: you are spreading Negative things about another person, so the whole world can condemn someone for trying to help others. I don’t get it. And yes he may be a huckster. I don’t really care what he is, I’m only interested in his message, otherwise who cares about him or how many divorces he’s had. And lastly, I don’t need good luck Or good health. Give that to a young terminally ill child. I lived long enough and had a good life. I base it not on money or luck, all that matters to me is that I love my family and try to always be there to help if need be. I’m 57 years old and in regards to my illness my question is WHY do I have the good form of cancer,CLL and I see those dying children having the dangerous, terminal ALL form. of cancer. My disappointment is just that. I wished I could trade mine for theirs. Let a child have a long life like I had. that’s the shame of it all.

  52. You also say, “if he is doing something wrong he will have to pay for it. It’s not my job”. It’s obvious it IS your job. Your supporting this website. Your putting it out to the world that he should be punished and let the word go forward to everyone from this website that Dr. Dyer is a bad person??? Don’t believe him. He smells sometime and he looks too tired. he must be up to no good. Is it me here? What KARMA? You are the KARMA!! he is paying for it by you and this website, so I guess you are right there. I am retired, so I have an excuse for wasting my time on this bolg. But what about you?

  53. I just realized something. Anyone who has ever wrote on this blog has been “pipped at the post”. This is not even a legitimate news source. I never read the Banner until a minute ago. Shame on me, I am a fool! I did waste my time. That’s what this is all about. Piss people of, even with lies, just to get them to indulge in this foolishness. You got me!

    • Anthony, you seem just a tiny bit angry. And not at me. All I can say to you is that I hope you find some resolution. You can be mean to me, but it won’t fix whatever is bothering you. I have my own problems. I am very far from being perfect. I’m still working a lot of things out. But I don’t go on other people’s sites and rail against them. I have a right to have an opinion, and you have a right to have an opinion. But really, back off. You’re not a very nice person. Get real with that.

      • I am sorry. You are right. I’m guilty of what I am accusing you of. I should not have said some of those things. I thought I was a nice person, but maybe I’m not so nice. I don’t want you to be upset. It’s not your fault. I think I have a bit (or more) of dementia. You have a very nice way of talking. I take back most of what I said and hope you will forgive me.

      • All my friends hate me too. I don’t know. I’m just a mess I guess. Take all my posts down. I think they should come down. It says you have the right to, or scan them for content. Take my posts down. I went on a rant. It’s unfair to you. I didn’t know that a real person was behind this. I thought it was a collective entity and was mostly for entertainment purposes. Let me know.

      • Oh, that’s so sweet. I knew there was a nice person in there. I am a real person who has studied astrology for twenty years. I want people to know that it can explain some of the bad things that happen. And with a few exceptions, I am not at all invested in judging. As I said, my blogs are just observations, partly for entertainment and partly because I believe in astrology.

        I really doubt that everyone hates you. But I do wonder if you like yourself. Give yourself a break. I’m a mess, too. We all are. Life is a struggle. Check me out on Facebook. I do try to post funny and fun things along with my blogs!

      • Italians are very emotional people. Maybe that is what is wrong with me. Actually that is IT! I was the king of writing letters. Years after I re-read them, I was so embarrassed. I even wrote one to my boss in my career, and boy did that set me back about 3 years. I guess I never learn. It actually set me back more than 10 years. To get back on his good side, I requested a certification for work in a field that I did not want. I suffered for all those years, hearing horrible stories and seeing so many victim’s of child abuse. It’s enough to kill you. So there it is. I chose a path, knowing it was not for me, then ruined my life a bit. Where the heck is Melanie? I guess I’ll check back.

      • I honestly don’t know how people who work in those fields deal with it. But I would imagine you have to remember that you helped all those children — that you made a difference.

        Here’s why I like astrology (and don’t like it at times), it explains that there are cycles that are very difficult to handle. They last, usually for around two years so it’s not just a passing thing. It can really affect the way you look at your life. But almost always, it is eventually over. And then there are the good cycles. I have found when people have too many good cycles (Bernie Madoff, Mel Gibson) they get really cocky and out of control. So we get the bad cycles to humble us. But some people (Michael Jackson) get too many or they are too long.

        I suspect you are just going through one of those. It’s a passing thing. And may have been going on for some time already. So feel better. Baking soda in water works great on a acidic stomach. And I’m glad we are now friends.

      • I think Dr. Dyer is going through a “Bad Patch”. I haven’t watched him on PBS for some years now. He appeared to be a very happy man and also Humble. He would refer to his wife and daughters in the audience, with pride, etc.. Now he appears very sad and with that, he seems unsure of himself. Maybe it is his fault. I don’t know. He is 70 years old. That accounts for a lot of mental obscurity. Life, aging, takes it’s toll on everyone. There is no escaping it. It also uncovers some frightening truisms that you were not prepared for from a spouse. It is so sad when you find that your spouse can say, Goodbye to you after making children and living with you for years. I have been through it and feel like I spent years with an imposter. It’s just a feeling. Also I discovered that most men, would not come home and say, I decided I don’t want to be married anymore, and you need to move out, NOW. I’m of course keeping the kids, their home, and hear is a plastic garbage bag. Take what you want. I wonder what would happen if society allowed men to do that! That is the standard in America, the wife says, Goodbye. believe it or not, most men can not and/or would not do it. They are wired different. I wondered from a primitive standpoint, why does the cat get to stay? It happens all the time, and it happened to me. I wanted to die. I could not deal with not being a father to my 3 sons. A father is a protector too, it’s more than just spending time with them. We all sleep under the same roof and I protect my children as I’m there with them. When you are “thrown ” out, that is so difficult. I find that America is only for what is politically correct. The Wrong people make the rules. As a country, Domestic issues should be looked into at all facets. I am not suggesting woman should put up with violent and abusive men. NO way. I still don’t think we do enough as a society to help woman who are endangered by men who hurt them. Men who hit woman are Cowards. We all know that.

        I know the 80’s were, It’s all about “Me”! Books were written about it. People flocked and bought their books. I’m not happy. I don’t like this. I don’t want to just be a parent anymore. He does not make me happy. Maybe I’ll be happy if we buy a new car. Something for “me”. This was from other people I heard this. Not just about my experience. Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you. There are tons of people, who would rather marry into money and forgo all the emotions of love. That is what makes up a lop sided amount of America.

      • I’ve never been married, but I know a lot of women. And I’ve had a bunch of live-in relationships. My experience is that before a woman gives up, she does a lot of “trying to make it work.” And while I agree that men don’t come home and say they’re leaving, they also don’t try as hard. It’s just the difference between men and women. No one gives up a marriage unless it isn’t working for one of the two people.

        And, Anthony, here’s my opinion on men that “recognize” their wives. The more you have to show to the public that you love her, the more you’re not showing her that at home. It’s the Sandra Bullock syndrome. She thanked her husband and publicly acknowledged him. And then they got a divorce.

        The reason people are mad at me is that I said Dr. Dyer is a hypocrite. You’ve just given me another reason to think I might be right.

    • Well, Anthony, that’s just makes my day that I GOT YOU! Yeah, that’s what it’s all about.

  54. Well I’m sitting here at 2:58 pm, no response yet from Melanie, who I insulted. I’m very sorry. I ate 2 salami sangwidges this morning and went back to bed. Now! my stomach is burning and I’m dying of thirst. I used Flax bread.. Well I hope Melanie posts that she forgives me a little. I learned something on this blog.

  55. How is everyone today? Just stopping by to say, “Hi”. Had a bad weekend, more people hate me, but I try to stay positive. “Fresh-air gives one a , decided lift”. People are in their OWN little world. That’s the secret. Just when you think you figured them out, wow, a curve ball. I think the best thing, is definitely keep to yourself and your other half. It’s when worlds collide. Everyone is living in a different reality. That’s why you must limit your, back and forth. Don’t show your cards. The more I try to do nice things for people, the more hostile they become. I find people are suspicious about a kind act. They appear to think there is a motive, and pull away. There is no motive. I just want to be nice to people who I think need something. Now all those people say, from the last 2 years, have gone silent. Will not respond. All I did was give, friendship, emotion support, etc.,sort of like unconditional love. I never asked for anything, nothing. I was the giver. I have a list of victims of my attempted kind acts, a mile long.

    That is the one thing I learned from a spiritual perspective, People don’t want you to show caring. I don’t mean close relationships. You must be caring. Your family thirsts for it. I’m happy to care, as I love them very much. I’m talking others, they wonder what they may have to invest, so they shut-down, pull away. I don’t want anything from anyone. I have enough money and don’t care too much for possessions. I love to make my friends happy, even for a moment. I’m talking, old friends who I haven’t seen for years. I can start off where I left off. Like 30-40 years ago. I think of them as close as back then. They pull away. The reclusive life is a very attractive option for me now. It’s not like I walk up to their front door. I don’t do that. I’ll send a card. Anyway, I’m babbling. I just wanted to share this so someone will have something to read. Like my Father used to say, “it’s not all peaches and cream”! He also used to tell me,. “Tony the problem with you is, you think everyone likes you. You will find that most people could care less, even the ones you think are your friends”. The sad reality is it’s almost zero that really cares. He was right. Words of wisdom.

    I gave something of value to an old man, that I thought was a bit senile. Well two other people who have everything, expected that they should have got it, simply because they repaired it. This is what happened. The old man’s son I work with in a professional capacity, never said, Thank You. Never even acknowledged the act of kindness occurred. His only response was, obvious dislike and only went out of his way to dump all over me when he had the chance. He was a supervisor, not mine though. Then the other two thought that they should have gotten it, both will not talk to me or respond to attempted contact. Wow, is that strange? I have lots of stories from the last 2-3 years.

    Give me some feedback. Lets get rolling here.

    • There is no doubt that we are beginning to live in a world where people are not nice to each other. You’re not the only one that is disappointed. It happens to me, too. But it could be we are simply picking the wrong people. I’m going through this, too, now, and I remind myself all the time, it goes back to me. I’m the only I can change. I don’t have all the answers, but without my friends, I wouldn’t be able to talk through it.

      May I make a suggestion? There is a Meet Up for everything you can imagine — even groups in your age range @ meetup.com. You need to be around people so you can find ones you like. Everyone is welcome at these events. You can even start a Meet Up yourself. But get back out there. The solution is not isolating yourself. Tempting as it is!

  56. I’m, sick today. I think the Chickens have come home to roost..

    • Well farewell to my new friend Melanie. I am going off the “Grid”. Thank You for the use of your blog and your knowledge and wisdom on astrology. I’m going “underground”. The Nut, is signing off!

  57. I am 81 and I frequently think of his positive impact on my life. I am extremely sad that he had to have this horrible experience, combined with his health. Life does throw curves to the majority of us. I truly suspect that his wife’s deception is far more hurtful than the separation and divorce itself. My view of life leads me to believe that whomever we call GOD gives us tests . My personal experience and with those I interact leads me to believe that as he gets even closer to his GOD he will emerge more humble, understanding, positive and humble than ever.


  58. Seth, the famous spirit guide who spoke through Jane Roberts, talked a lot about the causes of illness. He pointed out one thing though which to me is the key point in all this: “All illness serves a psychological purpose”. This statement has a lot more implications than you’d initially think.

    We use/choose all kinds of experiences to facilitate our own spiritual/psychological development and growth, and if an illness is the best or only tool for learning something or solving a problem, we (our higher self) “choose” that.

    So I’m sure there is a logical reason for why Dyer has chosen (or attracted, if you like) his cancer, but why only he or his higher self knows, I guess.

    I highly recommend reading “The Way Towards Health” by Jane Roberts (though mostly dictated/channeled by Seth). Paradoxically she chose to die herself of a chronic illness while writing this book (her husband, which assisted her in her writings, finished it), despite she had one of the best teachers on self-healing you can find in Seth. Which demonstrates how complex and unpredictable “our ways” can be…


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